Rear Axle Conversion Kit - 14mm to 3/8" Female

Rear Axle Conversion Kit - 14mm to 3/8'' Female
The La Casa Rear wheel can now easily be converted from the stock 14mm axle to a female axle. You will save some weight by going with the female axle kit as it’s a 14mm hollow heat treated chromoly axle that’s threaded for female 3/8 inch x 24tpi bolts. The female bolts have a hex head that can be tightened with the use of a 17mm socket, or a 6mm Allen Key. The female axle kit also looks clean and keeps the axle snug against the dropout. Note: This is the Female axle kit for the standard male La Casa Axle #1- Sealed – 14mm, and is still designed for 14mm dropouts.
Length: 120mm
Shoulder to Shoulder: 50mm
Size: 14mm hollow axle with 3/8'' bolts
Weight: 165g (axle and bolts)

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